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New 12V – 50A Electronic Standard Relay Available For Transportation, Process Control and Machine Building

E-T-A Circuit Breakers introduces the new ESR10 which is a 12V electronic relay that complies with four pole standard relay sockets according to ISO 7588. This compliments and extends our 24V electronic relay series E-1048.

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E-T-A’s New ESX10-S Extends Line of Electronic Circuit Protectors with Plug-in Capability for Automation Applications

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has extended its line of ESX10 electronic circuit protectors for overcurrent protection of 24V DC applications. The new ESX10-S is a plug-in device that allows quick and easy installation for groups of devices with several circuits on E-T-A’s power distribution systems Module 17 plus and SVS.

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E-T-A introduces new circuit breaker switch combination for protection of air-conditioning systems

E-T-A Circuit Breakers Ltd. introduces the 3130 combination circuit breaker and switch that will help design engineers reduce individual components for a more cost-efficient design.

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E-T-A’s New DC Disconnect Switch Offers Reliable Disconnection for Photovoltaic Systems

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced a new DC Disconnect switch that will provide reliable physical isolation for up to 1500 V DC in a very compact design. The E-T-A Disconnect features hybrid technology and has been designed specifically for the solar power market and its associated DC switching applications.

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E-T-A Extends ESX10 Line with new ESX10-TD Vario for Automation Applications

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has expanded its 24 VDC system product range for the automation industry with an enhancement of the successful ESX10-T.

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E-T-A Smart Power Relay now available in 30 A Version for the Transportation Industry

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced a 30A version of the E-1048-8 Dice Smart Power Relay, a remotely controllable electronic load disconnecting relay, matching standard four pin automotive relay sockets. The E-1048-8 Dice is a replacement of standard protection schemes. Rather than using an electromechanical relay in combination with a blade fuse to switch and protect loads, it provides truly electronic relay/overcurrent protection in a single compact unit.


Compact Rail-Mounted Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker 4420-T

Trailing cables, blocked motors, defective peripherals – these are all unacceptable risks in modern factory automation and process control as they are potential dangers, both to personnel and equipment. Plant designers must be careful to avoid hazardous machinery conditions in accordance with Machinery Directive 98/37/EG and to comply with the requirements of the EN/IEC 60204-1 standard “Safety of Machines, Electrical Equipment of Machines”.
The use of integral selective reliable protection against overloads and short circuits in electrical systems makes a significant contribution to the reduction of such risks. The E-T-A track-mountable series 4220-T is ideally suited to the task and packs a powerful punch within an ultra-slim housing of just 12.5 mm.

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Powerful switching for Vehicles – Power Relays PR60 and PR80

Power relays PR60 and PR80 have been designed for single-pole switching of loads in vehicle applications. Available in ratings of 100A, 200A and 300A, they are ideally suited for use as a battery disconnect relay or for switching other high current circuits. Both models feature a robust design, offer various mounting styles, and a high level of protection (IP 67) against water or dust ingress which facilitates installation in almost every type of vehicle and mounting position.
The main load connections are by means of M8 (100 A and 200 A) or M10 (200 A and 300 A) stud terminals. An insulating barrier between the terminals protects against accidental shorting when the cables are connected.
Optionally available suppressor diodes eliminate the risk of damage to control circuitry by back-emf voltage peaks when the relay coil is disconnected.

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The E-T-A PowerPlex is a decentralized, user configurable power distribution system. It is optimized for marine applications based on CAN-Bus technology (SAE J1939). Ease of configuration by means of the E-T-A configuration software running on a standard Windows PC offers individual solutions for every boat. The E-T-A PowerPlex provides switching and controlling, timer functions, real load status indication, overcurrent protection and wire break detection. Each function is individually programmable to fit the requirements of the different loads.

The E-T-A PowerPlex offers a link between the look and feel of conventional technology and modern digital processing offering extensive diagnosis, monitoring and control functions. The main benefit for the boat owner besides having a modern electrical system is the integration of a lot of features like alarm and remote control.

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Optimum Performance and Space Saving – Automotive Mini CBE 1626

The E-T-A mini circuit breaker type 1626 has a width of only 13.3 mm, enabling vehicle manufacturers to reduce their space requirement in the fuse box by up to 30 % without compromising the advantages of circuit breaker protection. Type 1626 is unique in the market in offering a miniaturised design which meets all requirements of the four SAE J553 type classes. As the versions to classes I, II and III* are suitable for use both in DC 12 V and DC 24 V on-board electrical systems, manufacturers of commercial vehicles can also benefit from the space-saving advantages of type 1626 and select from the full range available. Depending on the load to be protected and on the mounting location in the vehicle, manufacturers can choose the configuration best suited to their requirements. The innovative E-T-A mini CBE offers the ideal solution for all applications.
Type 1626 is designed for use with the latest mini-sized terminal blocks and provides interchangeability with blade type fuses, thereby providing an easy retrofit capability. It can be immediately reset following a fault and eliminates the need for spare fuses, saving time and reducing vehicle downtime – crucial advantages particularly for commercial vehicles.

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