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Enhanced Short Circuit Protection for SCADA/RTU Systems with Remote Reset Capabilities

The focus of this article is to address the need to utilize the latest circuit protection technology available to increase the efficiency of a battery powered remote panel deployed with a SCADA system. Before we can go into the details of the newest circuit breaker technology for SCADA systems, we need to review what a SCADA system is and its function within the automation process... more


Improving Safety and Reducing Costs in Liquid Natural Gas Applications

An increase in the demand for energy world-wide has driven the search for alternative primary sources for energy, even to the most remote locations of the globe. Natural gas, one of the leading alternative energy choices for fueling industries today, is considered the cleanest burning fossil fuel with minimal environmental impact ... more

Dirty Dozen: 12 Most Common Mistakes When Specifying Circuit Protection for Equipment

It's only a circuit breaker. Yet there is enough complexity and confusion when it comes to specifying circuit protection that many engineers are designing equipment with too little or too much protection. Under protected circuits leave equipment vulnerable to damaging electrical surges. Over protected circuits add cost and can lead to nuisance tripping. Like Goldilocks and the three bears, the goal is to specify circuit protection that is "just right"... more

Clearing up the Confusion: Specifications and Standards

Electrical engineers do not want to see designs go up in smoke. Naturally, engineers protect their equipment with what they believe to be appropriate circuit protection. However, there is widespread misunderstanding of industry standards for circuit protection and the meaning of terms such ascircuit breakers, supplementary protectors, circuit breakers for equipment and branch circuit protection. In some cases, this confusion results in the specification of the wrong type of circuit protection - increasing the risk of overheating, premature failure and catastrophic faults... more

Improve Plant Production by Addressing 24VDC Switch-Mode Power Supply Issues

For most industries, the accepted norm for unplanned downtime is 5% of operating time, which represents a direct, significant loss of revenue and therefore profit. But have you ever stopped to consider the true cost of downtime?  Read the latest white paper from E-T-A to see how the integration of electronic circuit control technology can reduce the downtime of your 24VDC system designs... more

Circuit breakers are used in a variety of ways. They are mounted in panelboards to protect branch circuit wiring, and they are built into equipment to protect it. With this range of applications, it's not surprising that a circuit breaker must provide both short circuits and overload protection.  This white paper will give pointers on how to determine the main job a breaker must do and how to make an appropriate selection... more